Tuition & Payment

Once you have registered for the upcoming semester, you are required to pay all tuition and fees by that semester’s deadline. USU uses TouchNet, an online service where you can view bills, make payments, and manage your account any time. You can also set up an authorized user, like a parent or guardian, to access your account and make payments on your behalf. You can also pay in person at the Registrar’s Office with cash or check.

Check and Pay Balance (Students) Authorized User Login

Tuition Rates

Refer to the USU General Catalog for up-to-date information regarding Tuition, Fees and Refund information.

2022-23 Tuition and Fee Schedule View Past Rates

Nonpayment Drop Deadlines

Tuition is due upon registration. If you fail to pay your tuition by one of the tuition deadlines, you may be dropped from your classes and any waitlists you may be on. This is known as the nonpayment drop.

Why Drop Students?
To avoid students taking seats who may never attend or pay, students are removed at specific dates unless they pay for their courses.

Late Fee Deadlines

Students with an outstanding balance at a late payment deadline will incur a $100 late payment fee. Pay your balance in full or get on a payment plan prior to late payment deadlines to avoid late fees.

1098-T Tuition Statement

Utah State University prepares a 1098-T form for all eligible students and furnishes it to the IRS. The form indicates that there might be education related expenses that could be claimed as part of the Hope Scholarship or the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.

1098-T Tuition Statement Information
For more information about this document and how to obtain your statement during tax season, please review our summary of the 1098-T Tuition Statement

Tuition and Fees Agreement

Students will need to review and accept the 'Student Financial Responsibility Disclosure and Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fees' in order to register for classes.

Tuition and Fees Agreement Help
For help on how to complete the tuition agreement, please review these steps.

Registration Steps


Meet with your advisor

The best way to prepare for registration is to meet with your advisor. If you want a smooth registration, do this.

Topics your advisor will help you cover


Register for classes

Once registration opens you will have the opportunity to build your schedule. If you've already created a plan with your advisor, you should be able to complete this step in a matter of minutes using Banner.


Pay your tuition and fees

Tuition is due upon registering for classes. You can see how much you owe by logging into TouchNet at anytime. Failure to pay may result in being dropped from your classes.

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