Aggies Create Impact

Utah State Aggies create transformational impacts through meaningful research, particularly in space, water, land, air, and quality-of-life questions. As a research-focused institution, we engage in fields of study the world can’t live without. Aggies effect change locally, nationally, globally, and even galactically.

Natalie Andrews is Keeping Congress Accountable

Utah State University alumna Natalie Andrews earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. Today, Andrews covers breaking news in the nation’s capital.

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Making Impact By the Numbers

$335.5 Million
in sponsored awards
- 2020 fiscal year
a five-year, $26 million 2020 National Science Foundation Engineering Center
Ranked #17
Highest-ranked public university in the country with the lowest tuition in “America’s Top Colleges” for 2019
- Forbes, Aug. 2019
Ranked #2
National Public University in the Nation
- Washington Monthly
1 in 14
U.S. Department of Defense university-affiliated research centers
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